Suzy Q CBD Hemp flower

Suzy Q CBD Hemp flower


Sweet Suzy Q, . This super high CBD strain is known for it potent therapeutic effects with some test’s coming in as high as 25% CBD. Loaded with terps, indica dominant, and powerful this hemp flower contains less than 0.2% THC but loaded with other cannabidiols. A wonderful light piney taste when smoked, super relaxing and mellow.

  • alpha-Pinene- .02%
  • Limonene- .07%
  • CBD 25%percent
  • THC 0.2percent
  • produt price $400USD per ounce(28.4grams)


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Characterized by moderately dense, olive-green buds bristling with dark amber-hued hairs, Suzy Q is for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a clear-headed, uplifting effect. Woodsy notes and a hint of spice characterize the rich flavor of this strain. Suzy Q is known for its sweet, earthy aroma and piney, spicy terpene profile.

The evenly balanced hybrid is 50 percent sativa (a more stimulating strain) and 50 percent indica (a more relaxing one), resulting in an effect that is the best of both worlds. Its relatively high CBD concentration makes it the ideal choice for persons seeking a soothing experience. It is considered to be one of the most calming strains on the market.

Suzy Q is high in CBD(19.44%) with only a trace amount of THC, well below the legal limit for hemp. This ratio means that you can expect a gently uplifting experience.

Assuring Hemp Flower Quality From Farm to Sale

Suzy Q hemp flower is cultivated on a beautiful 100-acre farm in northern California. The idyllic northern California climate feels like endless summer, and those dry, bright days mean bumper crops of gorgeous flowers that don’t suffer from mold or powdery mildew.

Our farm is organic, which means that we never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We take great care to ensure proper permaculture — an agricultural ecosystem that is sustainable and self-sufficient. One way we do so is with top-dressing feed, which makes the roots work harder to promote a healthy soil that our plants will thrive in.

Once they have reached their full potential, our hemp plants are hung upside down to dry, then dry-cured and trimmed by hand. Cannabis is a delicate crop. Even small mistakes during cultivation or harvesting can quickly impair the quality of the buds. We insist on total transparency and quality control…and so should you. Hemp flowers require nothing less.

Independent Testing on Our CBD Hemp Flower

Every crop is tested for purity and potency at an independent laboratory that is DEA-registered, ISO 17025-accredited, AHCA-accredited, and CLIA-accredited. The full-panel testing screens for:

  • The potency of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.

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1/2ounce(14g), 1ounce(28.4g), 5ounce (142g), 1/2 pound(224g), 1 pound(448g), 1kg


  1. ali-all22

    I have experimented with many different brands/strengths of CBD mouth drops. I did not get any positive result. However, this smokable CBD does wonders for taking the edge off my pain. And also, I noticed it helps with anxiety. GOOD STUFF!!

  2. 010girlx

    for someone who has chronic pain this strain saved my life!
    a little went a long way for me. helps a lot with pain and makes me feel relaxed.
    favorite strain ever for me! would recommend to anyone dealing with pain

  3. jay-d

    Out of iirc 7 strains I ordered this was the best by far. Not terribly paranoid/anxious (yes too much even CBD hemp triggers a bit of it in me I’m that sensitive to it) or a body drag, just a very clear headed and happy relaxation. It is the only one that was legit happy. Very clear, very clean feeling. Introspective. As a matter of fact this was Read more about review stating the best

    the closest to what I would expect of an all purple pure head strain. HIGHLY recommend.

  4. shoolly

    Excellent Product and Service
    Review by Kyle O. on 21 Apr 2020 review stating Excellent Product and Service Thank you for the quick secure delivery and for the great product! This strand of Suzy Q is very nice for my household in regulating our nervous systems and providing much needed relaxation support to our lives, especially during these interesting times.

  5. nefa_official

    A lovely strain for relaxation and stress relief. Thank you Mr. Hempflower for making this gem available to us all. I will definitely be back. Take care!

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